Apps vs. eBooks: What’s the difference?

With all the whizz-bang things you can do with ebooks these days, and all the apps that are built to accompany print books, it’s no wonder that there’s a great deal of confusion about how these two things differ.

It's not an app, it's an ebook!

It’s not an app, it’s an ebook!

Since we started using iBooks Author to create our own enhanced ebook editions, we’ve fielded a lot of questions about whether our books are apps, or eBooks, or multi-touch books, or ePub 3 versions, etc. So, inspired by the wonderful, brilliant people at RSA Animate, I thought I’d try to help clear up the confusion around eBooks and apps with this little video:

(Warning: I am, as you will see, less than skilled in the art of drawing, so please excuse my crooked lines and weird angles)

Was that helpful? I hope so! Let me know what you think below.


4 responses to “Apps vs. eBooks: What’s the difference?

  1. I really love this video – very clear and you’re too modest, the drawing is great!

  2. This is AWESOME.

  3. Aw, thanks! My university painting teacher would be proud. She was always correcting my shabby drawing skills in class. 🙂

  4. Very clear and useful definition 🙂

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