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18 responses to “Contact Us

  1. The YWP’s deadline says Thursday midnight, does this mean I have all Thursday to send it? Or just before Wednesday ends?

  2. Are you no longer accepting unagented submissions?

  3. Do you publish children’s picture books?

    • Hi Jane – at the moment we are just focusing on fiction 9 – 19 so not younger picture books I’m afraid. But we wouldn’t rule out illustrated stories for 9+.

  4. Thanks. Do you prefer snail mail submissions or by e-mail?

  5. Sara, I think I am going nuts. I can’t find the details for the requirements for submissions. Please can you direct me to them. I have searched the website and I can’t see them.

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  7. Are submissions required to be completed manuscripts or can they be an outline of book series?

  8. Hi Richard –
    We usually request the full manuscript from an author – in either a Word doc or PDF format, along with a detailed synopsis.
    Does that help?

  9. I have written and illustrated an autobiography about being dyslexic & RASP, publisher Naomi Folb, said to contact you since you do kids books. Can I send you my manuscript? Penni

  10. I am in the middle of writing a story and am thinking of submitting! But I’m only 11 years old but could handle rejection letters and could do publicity.

  11. Hello, Just a question about your Young Writers competition, I’m really interested in joining in and submitting something, but I’m not quite 18 yet and i won’t be by the deadline (by less than 5 months) would I be allowed to join in or is such rule bending not allowed? Thanks, Matthew

    • Alas, that kind of rule bending is not allowed. You have to be in the age boundaries when you submit your entry. (And we make people prove it, when successful.) But, we fully expect to run this prize again, so come back next year!

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