Favouring FRIDAY on a Wednesday

Today’s blog is from Charlotte Morris, another amazing Independent Bookseller who can be found at The Book House in Oxfordshire. Charlotte picked FRIDAY BROWN by Vikki Wakefield as her staff choice for the summer, and here’s why she chose it…

This summer my staff choice is FRIDAY BROWN, the heartrending new novel by Vikki Wakefield. From the very first page, Friday grabbed me by the hand and pulled me along on the tsunami of her journey – a definite contender for favourite book of 2013.


How far would you go to outrun a curse you aren’t sure you believe in? Named to avoid a tragic fate, Friday was raised on the open road of the blistering Australian outback and her mother’s hazy campfire stories. But when her mother is the latest in a long line of women in their family to drown mysteriously on a Saturday, there seems to be nothing left to do but run. Friday sets out to the city determined to find her father. Lost and alone, her plan soon derails and she finds herself trying to stay afloat, surrounded by dangers and haunted by her memories, stumbling onto a train platform that changes her life forever.

It is the endearing Silence who captures your heart from the moment he appears at the train station. He scampers through life with an ageless quick fingered agility, rescuing Friday in her time of need. Mute but with a loud personality, the ferocity of his love and Silence’s loyalty and determination is just as likely to lead him into trouble as out of it.

He leads you to the powerfully seductive clutches of Arden, a girl who collects runaways like modern day Lost Boys, except far from holding on to the innocence of childhood, Arden’s children are forced to grow up fast and face the harsh realities of living on the streets. Together they form a found family, bound together by their individual circumstances and dark pasts, tangled in Arden’s web. Friday can’t help but follow Arden and her gang as the need to endure leads her ever deeper into murky waters.

Follow Silence and fight for survival with Friday in this scorching, fast-paced psychological thriller that will leave you gasping, but reluctant to fetch a glass of water. Vikki has written a dazzling story filled with unforgettable characters and death defying twists.

With writing so vivid you can feel the heat of the campfires and the outback sun burning you as you read, Friday Brown is a story of revenge, justice, myth and identity. But with a cast full of liars, be careful what you choose to believe. Friday’s band of misfits leave marks on their surroundings, lingering on in the mind of the reader long after the final page. In a world of inescapable adversity, the threat of an ancient curse pales in comparison to the horrors of surviving everyday life, and tragedy strikes when you aren’t careful.

Drink some water, grab some tissues, prepare to feel your heart race, and make sure you read Friday Brown this summer.

“No more tears now, I will think upon revenge.”

And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, check out what THE BOOK HOUSE is doing for Independent Booksellers Week and for a fun summer promotion:

One lucky customer will win a rare illustration drawn exclusively for The Book House by Helen Craig, the author of Angelina Ballerina. This competition has been running through June, and the winner will be announced on Friday. To enter, just buy any of Helen’s illustrated books and write your name on the clipboard, and we’ll put that name in a hat for the prize draw!

We’re also celebrating the long lazy days of summer with our special summer reading scheme. Every year, The Book House selects top titles from new releases and smacks a gold star sticker on the back of the book. Buy any combination of three gold star titles and get a £5 Book House voucher to put towards your next read. (No expiry date on the voucher and the scheme runs until the end of August.)

From the YA books I’ve asked to include FRIDAY BROWN and THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, and there are lots more to choose from! Hope to see you at The Book House soon!

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2 responses to “Favouring FRIDAY on a Wednesday

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  2. Friday Brown is the most amazing YA book I’ve ever read! I agree how Vikki Wakefield’s writing is vivid; it’s so effortlessly fluid. I was actually so proud to see Friday Brown on sale at my local book store, with that gorgeous cover! I ant wait to read more from this amazing author. And go independant book stores! They’re so awesome, and my local one is really cosy and welcoming. 🙂

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