Writing Advice from Julie Mayhew

Today’s writing advice comes from RED INK author Julie Mayhew. Below, she talks about the importance of setting deadlines.

Fortunately, if you’re hoping to enter the Hot Key Books Young Writers Prize competition, we’ve set the deadline for you! Your first 4000 words plus 1-page synopsis is due to us on July 22nd. Get writing!


Do you set your own deadlines? How do you keep track of your work? Leave your advice in the comments below!


3 responses to “Writing Advice from Julie Mayhew

  1. I’m working on my first novel, and I set up a chart full of deadlines outlining what I wanted to have done and by what day. So far it’s seemed to have worked!

  2. I never used to set myself deadlines until it occurred to me that someone else might be writing a book just like mine and they might get it published before I did. That gave me reall boost to get mine finished.

  3. I don’t so much use deadlines as word count goals. I’ve had a lovely stretch of time off for the last few weeks with no commitments, so I’ve been getting a lot done each day, and I’ll reduce the word goal once things get busier. They help me get towards the overall deadline, which is that I want to find an agent by the time I finish uni, so I’ve got until May now!

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