The Hot Key Books Young Writers Prize is back!

The 2012 prize winners, publishing this September - this could be you!

The 2012 prize winners, publishing this September – this could be you!

Calling all young writers! Entries are now open for the Hot Key Books Young Writer’s Prize competition, supported this year by Kobo! If you are between the ages of 18 – 25 and have a story to tell to young readers, this competition is for you. For more information, click here to visit the Young Writers Page 2013 page and here to watch a video about the prize.

Hot Key Books Managing Director Sarah Odedina has written a blog below about why we chose to do this prize, in a world full of wonderful literary prizes…

Why another writing prize?  There seem to be an abundance of them, so what is different about ours at Hot Key Books?

When we were first planning to launch Hot Key Books, one of the things we very much wanted to do was publish fiction with real child and young adult appeal.  Books that would quench the reading appetites of lots of different sorts of readers, with lots of different sorts of interests. We were ambitious to publish books that really spoke to those readers from writers who had something new and exicting to say.

In thinking about the prize, we also very much wanted to encourage young writers.  Writers who were perhaps still reading the sorts of books we want to publish or had very recently stopped.  We are also very aware of how hard it is to get noticed as a young writer, without an agent and without any track record. So we wanted to offer aspiring authors the opportunity to have dialogue and interaction with a publisher.

The prize is simple in its ambitions.  To publish new, unpublished un-agented authors between the ages of 18 and 25.  Young writers who might find it hard to get their work noticed in the slew of submissions to agents and publishing houses and who are still learning their craft.  That is also why we reserve the right not to publish a winner, but to work with the best authors to help them learn the process of editing and the particularities of improving their work.

Hot Key Books is a list that aims to communicate directly with our readers and our authors and to make sure that there is dialogue between authors and readers.  The prize is another way in which we can build the dialogue and encourage young writers and readers to see the world of books as something that they can be involved in and in which they have a legitimate voice.

Hot Key Books Young Writers Prize is a way for us to share our knowledge of publishing and to encourage young writers as well of course to find great new talent for the list.  Our first year resulted in two great books being published.  We very much look forward to seeing what this year holds.


One response to “The Hot Key Books Young Writers Prize is back!

  1. amazinganimalbooks

    This is a good way of encouraging authors and writers out there.

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