Cue makeover montage…

Our blog has been a part of daily life at Hot Key Books since the beginning. From our very first post, we promised that our blog would chronicle the ups, downs, insides and outs of Hot Key. And for the most part, it has!

my office being built


We’ve done lots of crazy things beyond just chatting about our day-to-day — we’ve given our authors a chance to share their experiences and advice, offered our space to young readers, and devoted entire weeks to our favourite places in London.

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 16.02.48

Our blog has become a part of us, and it is one of our favourite ways to engage with you. But like all good things, we want our blog to be even better than it is. We want to strive to make every blog post is one you want to read and share and comment on.

So, in order to do this, we need your help. Today and tomorrow, we are posting surveys which will help us improve the blog. You don’t have to fill them out — but it would be a huge help! If you are willing to participate, we will:

1. Be eternally grateful.

2. Give you a coupon code (one of each survey) to take 30% off your entire order of books through our web site, plus free shipping!

Not a bad deal, eh? The surveys aren’t long, no more than 10 questions each. The first one will help us get to know you better, and the second one is focused on getting your feedback about how we can improve blog content.

Ready? Here is survey #1. We can’t wait to read your responses! Oh and all the responses are anonymous, so don’t hold back. Thank you!


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