Happy and Sad – a job opening at Hot Key & Red Lemon

On Thursday, I was speaking at the Innovation Workshop (great round up here) and our wonderful Digital Coordinator, Amy Orringer, had come to support me. I think she had the tweet of the day:

Futurebook Innovation Workshop tweet
After my session, she dropped a bombshell – she was moving back to the US and leaving us! I think I must have looked like a fish for a few minutes, not knowing what to say. I’m really happy for Amy but sad that we’ll be losing such a talented and driven woman from our team.

So I am happy and sad to say that we have an exciting opportunity to bring a new energy and a new voice to our digital team. Could it be you? (I hope it is!)

Here are some of the things your predecessor has done:

– The enhanced ebook for The Quietness by Alison Rattle (highlights video here http://bit.ly/19EFny2)
– A soft toy dance party, among other stop motion delights: (here)
– Commissioned The Bookshop Band to write a song for Dawn O’Porter’s book (here)

In fact, in her own style and because she is awesome, Amy has done us a video job opportunity advert:

We are looking for someone like Amy who:
–          is utterly passionate about children’s books
–          has a positive, willing attitude with a determination to create awesome things, a get-it-done kind of person
–          has an eye for detail and a commitment to precision
–          who can showcase a variety of interesting online projects/profiles
–          not necessarily from a publishing background (the publishing stuff is easy to learn)
–          not necessarily proficient in software/coding, but a good base knowledge and a digital curiosity which means you’re driven to self-learn

Here is the full job description with application instructions: Digital Coordinator Job Desc

You’ll be working 50/50 between the editorial department under myself and the marketing department under Sarah Benton. You can read about publishing from our points of view all over this blog, and get a sense about how we work if you look at the projects we’ve built over the past year and a half.

If you’re interested, please read the job description and application instructions carefully. Eye for detail, and all of that.

Hope to hear from you soon!


10 responses to “Happy and Sad – a job opening at Hot Key & Red Lemon

  1. What a fantastic opportunity! Good luck finding a new Amy (it’ll be a tough act to follow).

  2. Aww, thanks you guys!

  3. Oh Amy – surely you don’t mean it. Why would you want to leave us and go back now that the sun is finally shining?

  4. Ach! We are going to miss you SO much!

  5. Edyth Bulbring

    No, No, Amy, please don’t go.

  6. Good luck with your new adventures Amy. It has been great story adventuring with you – you will be missed.

  7. Good luck in America, Amy! So sad to see you go- thank you again for inviting me to do the blog post here for Young Writers week, by the way!

  8. Oh you guys, you’re going to make me start crying prematurely! It’s been a dream to work with all of you! You are also all welcome to come visit me in SF whenever you like. Though I cannot promise sun there either, I’m afraid.

  9. Alison Rattle

    Oooh Amy! Boo hoo. I’m so so glad to have got to work with you. You did such an amazing job on The Quietness ibook. Wishing you all the luck and good fortune in the world for your next adventure. xxxx

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