“The picture’s over. Now I have to go and put it on film.” ― Alfred Hitchcock

It’s quite boring, admitting that you enjoy going to the cinema. If you’ve heard someone say it before, it’s with a note of apology, as if to say ‘I wish I had taken up sky diving’, or ‘I barely know you and definitely can’t tell you about my love of alphabetisation’.

But genuinely, I LOVE going to the cinema (even three years working in one hasn’t put me off). As with reading a great book,  film can transport to places you never expected, affecting your predispositions and transforming your opinions in ways you might never have expected. And cinemas, just like the book industry, are grappling with new technology and pushing boundaries every day to keep us entertained and excited. Much like a beautifully bound hardback or ebook, the sheer range of how you can explore the latest releases is kind of astounding – the film itself might move you on big screen or small, but it’s the cinema (much like the publisher) that decides how this story will reach you.

Whether you prefer boutique and carefully curated, quick and easy or crazily innovative, there’s something for everyone out there. Here are a pick of some of my favourite cinemas (and cinema experiences)…

Rooftop Cinema Club


Last night, I saw Amelie on a rooftop in Hoxton – a BBQ, a clear(ish) London night’s sky and director’s chairs with blankets on made watching Amelie all the more like a magical dream.

ODEON Holloway


Originally a theatre, this gem was destroyed by a V1 Rocket bomb on 8th November 1944. The beautiful surviving features give everything a wonderfully dramatic air – even Haywire, officially the worst film I’ve EVER seen at a cinema, didn’t seem so bad in these surroundings. Actually I lie, it was total dross

Prince Charles Cinema


Showing the coolest films you’ve always loved, PCC is all about the experience – go catch a comedy there, and laugh at whatever new is on the sign!

Hot Tub Cinema


Err, could there BE a better medium to watch a Will Ferrell film?!

Salisbury ODEON


This Fifteenth-century building has let the modern world develop around it – there are tapestries on the walls, and a suit of armour in the foyer!! I saw Harry Potter there and felt like I was ON that chessboard with Harry, Ron & Hermione.

Do you love or hate the cinema? Have any recommendations for me? Leave a comment!

And here’s some more words of genius for the road: “The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder.”  ― Alfred Hitchcock

So true.


10 responses to ““The picture’s over. Now I have to go and put it on film.” ― Alfred Hitchcock

  1. Jenny jacoby

    What? Who hates the cinema? Only potential hazard is people talking through the film, but otherwise what’s not to like?

  2. I LOVE going to the cinema. I really want to try out Electric Cinema: http://www.electriccinema.co.uk/. It looks comfy and you can buy doughnuts there.

  3. Well I love the cinema so much i’m getting married in one! The Little Theatre Cinema in Bath. A gorgeous independent 1940’s cinema. In fact the UK’s oldest surviving independent cinema still in family ownership.

  4. You guys know about Secret Cinema, right? I went to the Bladerunner one. Just. Amazing.

    • NO but just looked it up and oh em gee. it would worry me not knowing the theme though- what if i booked in for a Footloose screening? *sobs in corner*

  5. Great post! I never thought much about going to the cinema…but then I started dating a screenwriter and film buff. Having someone to go with who you know won’t talk through it will be good for a long debate about the film afterwards makes it so much more fun!
    Have you been to the Everyman Cinema in Hampstead? It’s one of my favourites!

  6. Ahh great memories of days spent in the GFT in Glasgow and Filmhouse and Cameo in Edinburgh. The Cameo is one of my all time favourites you should go.

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