On First Love…

Do you remember your first love? I do. His name was Geoff – I was 12 years old and about a foot taller than him. But obviously that didn’t bother me at all because we were meant to be together…despite the height difference.

I’m thinking about first love as Dawn O’Porter’s novel Paper Aeroplanes comes out next week and we are EXCITED, as you can tell. A few weeks ago we had a chat with Dawn in front of the camera about various nostalgia moments from her own teen school years. And here’s the first one…On first love…

We’ll share more of the videos with you over the course of the week – coming soon…friends, frenemies, school, periods and the all important question of 90s food! Stay tuned for more and watch our twitter stream for the launch of Dawn’s new website…

Anyone brave enough to share their stories of first love?


4 responses to “On First Love…

  1. Stephen Radcliffe, second grade. We played Star Wars together, and I made him be Jabba the Hut while I took on the double role of Princess Leia and Han Solo (because I wanted to save myself). I married him at recess to make another girl angry, and then I saw him kiss another girl, so I kicked him in the teeth with a red kickball… on second thought, I don’t think I really liked him. So I’ll defer instead to Justin Timberlake.

  2. His name was Paul and I first saw him hanging off the back of his Dad’s milk float. I was 14, he was 16. He asked me out at the local youth club on June 29th 1979. I know this because I still have my diary from that year. My diary says of that evening, ‘He didn’t kiss very nice at first but then I got used to it, apart from him biting my tongue off.’ And then, ‘he gave me a love-bite by accident.’ Yeah, right! We went on to have a very tempestuous four year relationship. When I was 18 I left him at West Ealing station while I went off to discover the bright lights of London. Twenty seven years later we met again at another train station (Weston-Super-Mare) and we’re getting married this September!! Oh, and he’s a much better kisser now!

  3. Alison I love your story!

    Teddy, except that was his nickname which I never understood. He was 15 and I was over a year younger than him, but told him I was his age (obvs). We conducted an intense relationship (hmmm) completely by text and phone for 9 months (except for one 15 minute meet up when my hands wouldn’t stop shaking – he had the loveliest cheekbones).
    Eventually he asked if I’d like to come to a party and I was so terrified he would find out I’d lied about my age that I told him I was babysitting (lies!) and never replied to his texts…

  4. Tom. I was eleven. The entire class was in love with him. He barely spoke. Oh, I coveted him. I think he’s responsible for my fondness for withdrawn, aloof men, though I suspect his came from an abundance of shyness.

    One time when he was ill I remember being so utterly miserable the entire day because I wouldn’t get to see him. And if I caught him looking at me I spent the next week floating around with happiness. I schemed for ways to get close to him, but every time I did I was about 6 heartbeats away from a full on attack and it always came to nothing.

    Then we went to different secondary schools, but I still carried a torch for him the entire time. I’d have done *anything* to know whether he liked me.

    Of course, we met again in a club when I was 19, and I found out the answer. That’s all I’m going to say. *unbearable smug face*

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