Visiting other worlds to remember our own

Did you know that it’s Earth Day today? We hope you’re celebrating by doing simple things — remembering to turn off lights, unplugging “vampire” appliances when not in use, recycling more, wasting less, and of course…reading! Reading is actually a great way to save the planet, because the right book can completely change the way you think about the world. And after all, isn’t saving the planet really dependent on our ability to change the way we operate? So to get you started, here are a few recommended books for Earth Day:


The Cloud Hunters live in a world that is both familiar and very, very different to our own. They travel through the sky in boats, fighting flying whales and fearsome pirates so far, so different. At the heart of Alex Shearer’s story however is a lack of water. Something our world is becoming increasingly familiar with. Water is a commodity like gold and grain – and it’s only when it’s gone that you really understand how precious it is.

BOONIE Paperback

BOONIE takes you to a desert world, where the earth has been parched by an unyielding sun and water is society’s most precious resource. The desperate search for water has led to terrible abuses of power, and it is up to two brave children, JD and Aqua, to fight for the city’s childrens’ freedom.

THE LORAX is a classic tale of what goes wrong when we stop respecting our natural resources. You can even purchase it in a special recycled paper edition!

In THE GREAT PAPER CAPER, when trees start mysteriously disappearing from the forest, the forest creatures begin their search for answers. Could the abundance of paper aeroplanes littered about have something to do with this tragedy?

As the polar ice caps melt, polar bear sets off to look for a new place to live in THE JOURNEY HOME. Follow him as he meets a few other endangered species along the way…

This beautiful pop-up published by the Tate artfully illustrates the effects of deforestation.

Can you think of others? Add them to the list by posting them in the comments below. And let us know how you are celebrating Earth Day!


2 responses to “Visiting other worlds to remember our own

  1. The Tin Forest by Helen Ward is an amazing book. It really inspires children to become creative at ‘up cycling!’

  2. Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish by Michael Foreman is a brilliant introduction to the theme for pre-schoolers.

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