Hold on to your (cowboy) hats — Abbi Glines is coming to town!

Glines, Abbi BWNext week, Abbi Glines, author of THE VINCENT BOYS and THE VINCENT BROTHERS, will be touring around the UK, meeting fans and getting her first taste of British life! Below is a blog she wrote about her preparations for the trip. Come meet Abbi at the Regent Street Apple Store on Monday the 15th at 6:30 PM, or at one of these events.

Until last May I hadn’t been any further north than Tennessee. My traveling was incredibly limited. I was a small town country girl who hadn’t been out of Alabama much. Since my trip to New York City back in May, things have changed for me.

I have several book signings this year in the states but I began to notice my reader base was growing fast in the UK. I honestly never thought UK readers would be interested in my books. With all the cool places over in the UK, I couldn’t imagine y’all wanting to hear about places like Grove, Alabama or Sea Breeze.

You all surprised me.

I am humbled and blown away all at the same time. I have such a fantastic fan base “over the pond” and I love it.  Now I have a reason to travel even further. I am leaving the USA for the first time in my life. I can’t wait!

I would love to tell you that I am all packed up since I hop on a plane this Friday.  Alas, I cannot. I’m way behind. I just got back from Los Angeles, California on Monday (my first time there too!) so my suitcase looks like this:


In south Alabama things are warm already. My kids are wearing shorts to school and flip flops (do y’all call them thongs?) are on everyone’s feet. We are spending weekends on the beach and taking boat trips out into the gulf. So, I am slightly concerned that I don’t have the proper clothing to pack. I hate to bring these ugly things:


When I’d really like to wear these:


But then my feet would likely freeze. I am crossing my fingers that I can go find winter clothes in stores here. I’m not sure if they’ve packed them all away yet. Good news is I do have these lovely scarves and gloves. Limited, I know…


Moving on past my packing dilemma, I have also been working on my “to do” list while in London.  This is it so far. I don’t have a lot of free time since I’m going to be hanging out with all of you but when I do I plan to do these things:


Got any other suggestions? Tell me!

See y’all soon!


One response to “Hold on to your (cowboy) hats — Abbi Glines is coming to town!

  1. Harrods isn’t on your list??

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