Edible Art Class

Some of you might have seen the deliciously gruesome edible prints that we sent out with THE SAVAGES book proof:

meat sheet

They were made by the awesome people at Animal Vegetable Mineral, who we bumped into at Eat Your Heart Out last year. After sampling their creations I was pretty curious as to how they made these treats, so jumped at the chance to take part in an Edible Art Class!

You heard me correctly. We made art, and then ATE IT.

There was lickable life drawing, with apple flavoured pens on edible paper…


Delicious, but a reminder that I really, really can’t draw.

Chocolate model making (continuing with THE SAVAGES theme i made a chocolate skull – which mysterious disappeared before i got it home. Ahem.


Lickable graffiti – the below is meant to be a key, in case you couldn’t guess (I wouldn’t blame you).


Edible paint by numbers – delicious! Each paint tasted different – red is strawberry, yellow is pineapple, blue is rhubarb and black is caramel. Delicious! I went a bit off-piste with my dog painting, but it still tasted delicious – kind of like trifle!!






We had a blast – thank Tasha for a brilliant night! Follow AVM on twitter to find out when their next class is – guaranteed delicious-ness.


3 responses to “Edible Art Class

  1. This is awesome! I love the idea of lickable graffiti – though you might get some odd looks in Shoreditch if you started licking random walls…or maybe you wouldn’t!

  2. This looks so much fun. Hope it tasted as good as it looks!

  3. It’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory … for real 😀

    These classes sound like brilliant fun!

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