Spring Break(out)

Dann, ElonTo celebrate his publication day, the mysterious Elon Dann has written a special blog about the release of his book, CLOCKWISE TO TITAN. This exciting story follows three teenagers as they try desperately to escape the clutches of the Institute in hope of freedom beyond the pylons…

I’m feeling edgy on eve of publication of CLOCKWISE TO TITAN, my breakout novel.  I prefer to think of the book escaping rather than being released, although unlike the book’s heroes I’d be quite chuffed if the escape was noticed by lots and lots of people and accompanied by wailing sirens and pivoting searchlight beams.  (I suppose you could walk out of a bookshop without paying for a copy to generate that effect, but I’d rather you didn’t.)


Spring is a good time for breaking out.  I’m thinking of chicks smashing through shells, crocus shoots tunneling up through hard soil. When I was the age of my trio of runaways, Easter was always spent revising for wretched exams at hated secondary school.  I wasn’t bright, just too scared to fail. I didn’t get on with school.

Prisoner style, I marked off the days until the next holiday on the back of my bedroom door in chalk. How often did I stare out of a window and think: if only there was another life to be lived, far over the fields and hedges, a bold, golden new life under untried skies. What would be my route, how would I ford rivers, what would I eat, which friends would come with me? Teachers weren’t like they are nowadays. Some of mine were strange, dangerous, moody. I imagined them in pursuit – one or two stalk me in my dreams even to this day.  I read science fiction and literature from the brutal worlds experienced for real by Primo Levi and Solzhenitsyn, calculated the percentage of my life spent behind a desk. Waited. Plotted.

Can’t see any pylons where I am now.  Perhaps they migrated south for the winter and have yet to stride back to their home roosts.  The steel people feel the cold, make sure you leave out some batteries, nuts and bolts out for your local ones.


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