Bologna Day 2, in pictures

It’s day two of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, and things are in full swing at the Bonnier stand. Hot Key and our sisters Autumn, Templar, Five Mile, and Red Lemon Press are meeting like mad with people from all over the world. Cait Davies has been kind enough to send us a few pics of the action. Here’s a lovely panoramic view of the Bonnier booth:


Basically, everyone at Bologna has a packed schedule:


Here is a shot of Sarah O and Jet looking quite smart:


Occasionally, there are a few moments to catch your breath in between meetings…

And it seems no matter how far you go from the office, certain things travel with you…

Even though its freezing in Bologna this year, Cait is happy to report that the food is still incredible:


If you want to check in with all the action at the Bonnier booth live, you can watch the stream here:


One response to “Bologna Day 2, in pictures

  1. It looks like great fun – specially the pizza! Hope you’ll be able to brave it back to the horrors of the coldest snap for 40 years. (Actually it’s nice today and the sun is shining!)

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