Make It Happen

It might be because I am now in full baby-mode, but I have been thinking a lot recently about who and how people are.

Some people are driven to do; other people aren’t. I’m a big fan of people who do — whatever “doing” that might be.

For example, today, the SCBWI-BI is launching a huge project to benefit its members, completely run by volunteers. One in particular is a wonder to behold: Jan Carr, who is running the project.

SCBWI British Isles Logo

The project is Words & Pictures, a collective blog of wisdom and positive energy from writers, illustrators, agents and editors in children’s books…

My involvement is minimal, I’ll be answering Ask a Publisher questions from members in a monthly column – but there is a huge network of other people that are putting in a small amount to achieve something big.

The entire SCBWI-BI organisation is run by tireless volunteers, and it is a thriving community, filled with people who do so many things: run conferences, set up schedules of events, run e-critique groups, run the Undiscovered Voices competition… People do it because they love children’s books and they love others who love children’s books.

Want to know the best part? This relaunch is being kicked off by comments from the original person who set up Words & Pictures, who is now a Carnegie shortlisted author. How is THAT for an SCBWI success story? (Congratulations, Elizabeth!)

The world needs much much more of this.

So, if creating children’s books is one of your passions, consider joining and volunteering for SCBWI. But if dancing in the rain is one of your passions, volunteer to set up a rain dancing group. The are bound to be others that like it, too. Or knitting. Or watching musicals. Or whatever you love – just DO IT. (Here’s the story of how Jan didn’t actually volunteer; she just did it.)

I believe that good things always come of being someone who does, especially with something that you love.

What have you made happen this year? Or, better yet, what is one thing that someone else has made happen this year that you are grateful for? Leave a comment below.


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