Well, I’ll be cursed!

GabbyHello, I’m Gabby – fifteen and already a self-confessed read-aholic. Apart from being a stereo-typical teenager when it comes to addiction of Supernatural books, I also love the genre of adventure and action, but to be perfectly honest, anything will do! One day I hope to be a writer or publisher so I do what I love best everyday – reading and writing!

Gargoyles? Nope, it’s not going to work. Or at least that’s what I thought when I first picked up THE BEAUTIFUL AND THE CURSED by Page Morgan. As readers, we’ve seen everything from sparkling vampires to drop dead gorgeous demi-gods and even smirking spies. So gargoyles? No. How could someone make the concept of evil, demon looking creatures (normally seen snarling at you with open mouths and incredibly pointy teeth) protecting two girls in frilly skirts from equally evil and rabid hellhounds even possibly attractive? Well, let me tell you, Page Morgan just did.


Apart from the obvious fact that this book boasts the highest number hot fictional guys I’ve ever seen grace the pages of one book, it’s still one hell of a story. The book perfectly blends the right amount of gritty, realistic fighting, convincing supernatural plot lines and intense romance whilst giving you the most enjoyable history lesson of your life.

Because it’s set in 1899, some of the vocabulary used back then doesn’t directly translate into the 2013 English dictionary. But, in a weird way, that’s one of things I loved most about the book. I had to look up the words like, a landau (which is a horse drawn four-wheeled carriage by the way) which I didn’t necessarily know before. This serves to both educate and contextualize the story you’re reading, definitely giving it more atmosphere and cranking that intensity level up a notch (because you actually know what vehicle they’re being attacked by demons on).

HotKeyIllustrations - Gargoyle

But even if you’re not a history geek like I am, a good number of kick-ass fight scenes make up the book. And the best thing? The girls get some good punches in there as well. There’s nothing better than reading about a girl laboring along in a dress, trying to wield a sword that’s far bigger than her whilst taking out a massive rabid dog and then actually succeeding. Girl Power. But even then the scenes are very accurate and in a good amount of detail, meaning you can imagine exactly how the fight played out.

HotKeysIllustrations - Silhouettes

The Supernatural is another main element in the plot line, and if you’re reading this then you’ve probably read at least one supernatural book where the facts didn’t quite add up, or was so unoriginal it was making your eyes bleed. But not this book. In fact, it was quite bizarre in a way because I felt that even though most of the supernatural beings involved in the story were not Page Morgan’s originally, they felt like they were. I almost believed she had come up with them herself, the book is that easy to get lost in. As soon as I’d finished, it had me flicking to the back of the book for the page that would give me the joyous news that a sequel was in the making like an aggravated Harpy. And then it had me re-reading sections for days to come.

Now, believe it or not as a reader, I’m very hard to please. I either really love or really hate a book. But I think I can safely say you all know where I stand on this one. So if you want a hair-raising, forget-about-collecting-your-kids, kick-back-and-don’t-move-until-you’ve-finished kind of book, pick up THE BEAUTIFUL AND THE CURSED. You won’t be disappointed (and you definitely won’t move until you’ve read the very last page).


3 responses to “Well, I’ll be cursed!

  1. Well, you’ve convinced me! This sounds fabulous.

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