A Day in the Life of a Design Assistant

Today we bring our Day in the Life series to a close with a video from our design department. Our two creative geniuses Jet and Jan work endlessly to deliver cover designs that prompt massive amounts of ooh-ing and ahh-ing in our publishing meetings. So today, Jan is going to bring you along as he completes some of his daily design tasks which ultimately lead to very beautiful books!

Jan BieleckiHi, I’m Jan Bielecki and the Design Assistant here. This video will show you exactly what that means. Now you will know, and I hope you use this information for good, not bad. With great knowledge comes great responsibilities. Over to me:

And as usual if you have any questions for Jan – ask them below!


4 responses to “A Day in the Life of a Design Assistant

  1. hmm, you seem to have the hardest job in publishing. The toes on book covers would not be nearly hairy enough if not for your keen attention 🙂

    I have always wondered, though, how much influence an author gets on a cover design. None? Do they get to see some sketches of options? Do you ask what covers they’ve seen that they liked that might work for their books? Or do you just tell the author to get out of your kitchen and go back to writing books?

  2. Also, where are your color coded spread sheets?

  3. Hi Gaby!

    One would be surprised how relevant the level of toe hairiness can be.

    Lovely question! I’m sure it differs. Over here, the book has been read so many times, by so many, that we have quite a good feel of what would be a good cover for it. Maybe sometimes more so than the author, who has been so imersed in this world they have created. I also think by knowing the creative process very well, authors understand our creative process too, and know we will do our best to do their works justice. But of course we always want our authors to be happy so they usually have a sneak peak or two through out the process.

    No colour coded spread sheets in our department, but a colour coded filing system, where different colours highlight certain projects depending on the deadline. We’ve had to refrain from using red.

    If those were the only questions, I declare my video the most informative one! What do I win? 🙂

    • Jan SAYS his department doesn’t have any colour-coded spreadsheets in his department but that’s not true! I look after it on his behalf!

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