A Day in the Life of a Sales, PR and Marketing Assistant

There is a special team of people here at Hot Key Books — they call themselves the SPAM team — who are responsible for all the Sales, PR, and Marketing activity around our books. These five ladies are the brains behind every ad, every event, every Twitter hashtag and Facebook contest we have here at Hot Key Books. As you can imagine, it’s always buzzing in the SPAM area. Today, our blog comes from SPAM’s assistant, Olivia Mead.

Livs Mead

Hi, I’m Livs the Sales, PR and Marketing Assistant here. Today I’m talking about what I’ve been doing recently – from party planning to the more day-to-day and less glamorous aspects of the job, like mass mail outs and spread sheets. It’s all got something to do with brilliant books though so I’m happy.

If you’ve got any questions about what a SPAM assistant does, just leave a comment in the box below!


5 responses to “A Day in the Life of a Sales, PR and Marketing Assistant

  1. We do a LOT of colour coded spreadsheets!

  2. I was going to comment on the spreadsheets thing. You guys seem to have an unhealthy obsession with them.

    I was wondering, though, from a sales and marketing perspective, how much you rely on authors? Writing can be such a solitary profession, and often appeals to the more introverted crowd. I was just wondering how that played into it. Do you rely on them a lot, or do you allow them to return to the caves to do more writing?

    Also, edible paper with meat pictures, that is a very original idea.

    • Hi Gabby,

      Not an obsession, just a well kept secret of publishing – there are lots and lots of spreadsheets! The colour coding makes them look pretty…

      As for working with authors it completely depends on what the author is comfortable doing. Whatever that is, be it a bit of social media or doing events or going back to writing we’re here to support them – I don’t really think its relying on them as such. All of us at Hot Key and the author want to do the best by the book because we care about it – the way we do that is relative to the author.

      So glad you like the meat postcards! They look even better in real life – the amazing Animal Vegetable Mineral made them for us. They do such incredible stuff – edible hair! http://www.avmcuriosities.com/

  3. Hi Livs! What is your favorite aspect of the partnership between social media and publishing?
    Also, I love how the “menu” works, that’s brilliant. I’d like to order books to my house like that… oh wait… I can. 🙂

    • Hi Kate!
      Ooo such a good question – I hope this answer doesn’t sound rubbish – but for me the best bit is the conversation that social media allows between publishers, booksellers, book buyers, book reviewers – BOOK PEOPLE really. Whether it be letting people know what you thought of a book, to interesting articles about the book world, social media encourages conversations about everything to do with books, stories and reading and that’s just the best thing ever as far as I’m concerned. I feel that ‘word of mouth’ is still really integral to the book world to spread the word about what’s going on/who’s doing what, and social media is carrying that on in a modern, but very organic way. I always picture Twitter as a massive kitchen table with everyone sitting round with a cup of tea (ahem bottle of wine) just chatting about books (as we probably all do daily anyway!).

      I’m still a bookshop girl at heart – I can’t resist them, but if there was a home book waiter service I would be sorely tempted!

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