Announcing…the Hot Key Books Parent Parlour!


We spend a lot of time thinking about parents here at HKB towers. We think about what they want, what they worry about, and what they think about when they’re in bookstores. But there’s only so much speculating we can do. So, we decided the best way to figure out how we can better serve parents is to actually talk to them! Thus the Hot Key Books Parent Parlour was born.

The idea is to get a bunch of parents together from all walks of life to talk to us (and each other) about how they choose, share, learn about, and buy books. It’s going to be a night of great food, great conversation, and great big bags of free books to take home! We ultimately hope to make it a regular event, and even dream of holding it in various places around the UK so we can get a variety of different opinions.

So if you are a parent, or know any parents who might be interested in participating, please email us at You can find more info about the night here.


One response to “Announcing…the Hot Key Books Parent Parlour!

  1. That’s a really great idea – I hope it’s successful as it sounds it will be!

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