Welcoming Emma Matthewson, Editor at Large

EmmaToday was my first day at Hot Key Books. It is still (almost) the New Year and just the right time to be starting a new job… and to be writing  my first ever blog.  So a day of  ‘firsts’.

As I came in to work this morning, perched delightedly on the top deck of the 243 bus, my already high spirits lifted even higher as we crossed the Thames. I could see the hive of industry on and around the river, and the brand new modern buildings cheek by jowl with the lovely old buildings. Such a classic London view, showing our amazing city at its best.

For so long now I have dived down into the Underground to get to work. It was so nice to keep above ground – and to see the sun sparkling on the Thames to boot! So – a new job can clearly give new opportunities and perspectives you are expecting, and also some you aren’t – but aren’t pleasant surprises wonderful? And sunny views of the Thames’ hustle and bustle definitely fall into that category!

Now I am ensconced at my desk with some gorgeous welcoming vases of richly coloured anemones and hyacinths, surrounded by the buzzing energy that is Hot Key and the amazing team here (who are not only publishing dynamos but also bakers  – I have yet to find out who baked the oatmeal muffins but can confirm they are delicious). I can also confirm I am raring to go!


3 responses to “Welcoming Emma Matthewson, Editor at Large

  1. Yea! Another editor at HKB. I know so many people who have submitted manuscripts to you guys. We get together (some in person, some cyber-friends) and chew our fingernails waiting for replies!

  2. Cead mile failte! (A hundred thousand welcomes in Irish) 🙂

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