Help Seven Stories!


We were so disappointed to hear that Newcastle Council is considering cutting 100% of its funding to many of the cultural institutions that put that city on the map.

Seven Stories, the amazing children’s book museum, would lose 100% of its government funding by 2016 under the current proposals.

The only times I have ever been to Newcastle have been because of Seven Stories. Full stop. That’s the only reason. It brings people to the city – it celebrates the global accomplishments of Britain’s cultural influence.

If you live locally, read this and do what you can:

And if you don’t live locally, I can’t recommend enough taking a trip up there. Support it using your feet. For anyone with kids, or anyone who loves children’s books — support this amazing institution before we lose it!

Seven Stories says, “We know the City Council must make cuts and we fully expect to carry our fair share. We also know that every £1 we invest in culture attracts over £4 into the local economy.”

That looks like a pretty sound investment to me.


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