In your Downton downtime…

This probably won’t come as much of a surprise, but we (the two Americans in the office) are pretty big fans of Downton Abbey. We love the drama, the clothes, the characters, and of course, Maggie Smith. We find ourselves thinking about the characters long after the show ends.

However, we both walked away from the mid-season Downton Christmas special with different perspectives. (SPOILER ALERT! We reveal a bit of the Christmas special plot below, so we’ve whited-out any text which includes spoilers. To see the spoilers and read our perspectives, highlight the text with your mouse.)

Whereas Amy found herself pre-crying for Mary, knowing she has to wait until the show gets back on air to find out that her perfect, beautiful husband is dead, Sara OC was less moved.

Sara was a sobbing hysterical mess when poor Sybil died – it was so  unexpected, and tragic. But because Matthew’s Christmas special death had no real purpose plot-wise  – just that the actor wanted out – it felt forced and phoney and had her rolling her eyes.

Usually, the space between Downton seasons can feel unbearably long. Fortunately, this time, we have the perfect period-drama to fill the long months until the fall 2013 series premieres. Downton fans, meet your new best friend:


This book combines upstairs-downstairs drama, love triangles, and young elites behaving badly in a tantalizing story you won’t be able to put down. Our two leading ladies are Ada, the daughter of the Earl of Westlake, and Rose, the daughter of Lord Westlake’s housekeeper. Both Ada and Rose have big plans for their lives — they want to achieve things well beyond their stations, and find their great loves beyond the expected pool of candidates. Naturally, this leads to big problems in a society based on predetermined pathways. Luckily for us (and all Downton fans), this makes for a GREAT story. People already can’t get enough:

Secrets and Sapphires Tweet

Secrets and Sapphires Tweet 2

So no need to keep re-watching the Downton Christmas special to get your period drama fill. SECRETS AND SAPPHIRES is here for you! And like all great sagas, this one will have a sequel, coming in 2014.


One response to “In your Downton downtime…

  1. I’m not a big enough fan of Downton to have kept completely up to date with the series, but I’ve seen so much buzz about this that I really am intrigued by it! Plus that cover is very striking.

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