Front page news, and smiles all round!

We are over the [maggot] moon…

Last night on Radio 4’s Front Row the category winners of the Costa Award were announced and we are DELIGHTED to say that Maggot Moon WON the Children’s Category. Listen to the announcement for yourself here.  (The Children’s Award is announced about 10 minutes in) And see the full press release and other winners here – Costa Press Release 2012

Needless to say that there was much jumping up and down in Hot Key HQ, and here’s a very happy Sarah Odedina when she heard the news:



Twitter has been going crazy since the announcement, catch up on what’s been going on in our Storify here and if you haven’t read Maggot Moon yet, the paperback comes out today! So, get yourself to a bookshop, website or library right now.

Oh, and if that wasn’t exciting enough Sally Gardner was on the FRONT PAGE OF THE INDEPENDENT today!

Hot off the press!

Hot off the press!

Not bad for our third book ever published eh? Well done to Sally on this fantastic achievement. It is so well deserved. We can’t stop smiling.


3 responses to “Front page news, and smiles all round!

  1. Definitely can’t stop smiling. Yay!

  2. Congratulations to everyone who was involved in bringing us ‘Maggot Moon’: it’s a superb book and well deserving of the award. I loved it!

  3. Well, well done to all – I’m delighted for you 🙂 It is indeed a happy new year!!

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