Class is in…at Hot Key Books

My name is Louise Griffin and I’m sixteen years old. I’m currently completing my GCSEs at school and, although I’m one of Hot Key’s younger interns, I would love to have a future career in publishing.

When I was told in a school assembly that I was to complete two weeks of work experience, I thought of publishing for two main reasons. Firstly, as a book lover, I knew I wanted to do something related to books. So, I considered three options: a book shop, a library or a publishing house. Publishing, I thought, seemed the most interesting (and impressive) of those options. The second reason was that, after I asked friends, various family members and teachers about the publishing sector, I realised that (although, of course, they did not want to admit it) they did not know much at all about publishing.

To complete my work experience at a publishing house would be to venture into the unknown, so I started emailing publishing houses immediately. I came to Hot Key Books with the hope of learning more about the publishing process and what the different types of jobs entail, but not really knowing what to expect or even if I’d like it or not.

Hard at work, reading another submission.

Hard at work, reading another submission.

I realised quite early on that I do like it. I like it a lot. I’ve loved seeing how the publishing process works and how each person contributes to create something that they’re really proud of. I’ve loved seeing how the best creative ideas are formed through a conversation and how no one’s opinion is more or less important than anyone else’s. I’ve even loved sitting in on the meetings and seeing how everything pieces together in the end and I’ve especially loved the never-ending amounts of chocolate in the kitchen!

It was a lovely change to be able to come to Hot Key Books every day for two weeks rather than going to school, and there are things that I’ve learnt from my experience here that I would never have learnt at school, such as what happens in the meetings and the different types of tasks that have to be completed to get a book published. Being at Hot Key Books has been very different to being at school–I’ve had a lot more freedom and I’ve felt much more part of a team.

Naomi explains my next project.

Naomi explains my next project.

During my work experience at Hot Key Books, I have learnt so much about the different types of people and the different tasks that are required to publish a book. After seeing just how much hard work goes into it, I will never look at a book the same way again.

Although I came to Hot Key Books not knowing what to expect, as my fortnight here comes to an end, I am almost certain that, in the future, I will pursue a career in publishing.


One response to “Class is in…at Hot Key Books

  1. Good luck, Louise! The publishing world loves someone with a bit of get up and go, and you clearly have that. A very well composed blog post.

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