Find your voice at the HKB Writers’ Workshop

As Hot Key prepares for its very first Weekend Writer’s Workshop, thoughts turn to WHY a budding novelist should sign up for it…

Even Dorothy Parker needed to spend time with other talented colleauges — why not you?

I mean, what’s to really know about writing a book? If you’re talented, you’re talented, right? Well, yes…right, but even the most ‘talented’ of writers have been overlooked when it comes to the selection process by agents and publishers: very busy people who may take fright at single spacing and paragraphs that are not inverted, or at a higgledy-piggledy plot with no direction (and no synopsis!) and loose ends flying in all directions. Those vivid characters you have created will not even get a look in, if your concept is tired and familiar and pitched as such, or your first chapter is frankly, dull.

The right mentoring teaches you how to approach your work – from the moment you get an idea for the story, to the last line of your novel. How to plot, how to begin, how to pace – and propel your reader along, how to delight rather than annoy with the unexpected, how to end, and how to find the right agent for you.

Most importantly we can help you how to do all of this without losing your identity, your voice, as a writer. Nobody can really tell you how to write, but we will certainly help you stand out.

The deadline to apply for the first ever Hot Key Books Writers’ Workshop is December 20 — just two days away! To apply, Please email a sample of prose – from a novel or short story (max 2,000 words) – to with ‘Writers’ Workshop’ in the subject field. Click here for more info.


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