9 Days of Hot Key Books: Day 9, ANGEL DUST

We’ve come to our final day of the 9 Days of Hot Key Books. We’ve had such a fantastic time in the office, wrapping, stamping, and shipping out some really great gifts! Today you have the chance to grab another amazing deal. ANGEL DUST, by Sarah Mussi, is on sale for 50% off. And, as usual, gift wrap and shipping are included!


Below, Sarah reflects a bit on the season, and notices that this year, the Angel vs. Star tree-topper debate was a bit easier:

Mussi, SarahDear Everyone who loves Christmas and books and angels and snow and wintry tales…

We have a saying in my family called KEEP CHRISTMAS IN DECEMBER. This is on account of other folks putting up their Christmas trees well into November (October even!) and spreading the Christmas spirit sooooo thin, it loses that special sparkle. Anyway, I’ve really kept Christmas in December this year – in fact, I’ve only just finished trimming the tree! Now the reason I was holding off (apart from the fun of anticipation) was because it’s such a lovely thing to do and last year I did it all in a rush on account of the fact I was writing ANGEL DUST.

So this year I wanted to be in exactly the right mood. You know, have that glass of mulled wine in one hand, have Christmas jingles playing, candles alight, gingerbread baking and make sure it’s nice and frosty outside, and it was kind of hard to organise all that in between the day job and the writing and the weatherman. But today I did it! YAY for me!

Anyway, I hung up the little gingerbread men and put the last bits of tinsel in place and switched on the fairy lights, and the moment came to put the final and most important touch on the very top of the tree. Now usually that’s quite a tough choice: like… um… do I go for the star or the angel?

The star looks kind of classy… but the angel is so sweet… and you can’t put both…

Well you’ll all be glad to hear that this year it was a no-brainer. I picked up the tiny winged seraph and placed her right up there, on the very topmost branch, as close to heaven as I could. I whispered, ‘There you go Serafina, bless this house and bless Christmas and bless everyone out there whether they celebrate Christmas on not.’

And you know I swear to Heaven, she whispered back just as if she’d spoken straight out of the pages of ANGEL DUST: ‘My God, but isn’t Christmas fantastic! How I love it! How I wish I could send everyone their heart’s desire and give you all a Christmas filled with sparking snowflakes, brighter than a thousand shooting stars!’

So I’d like echo her message. Have a fantastic Christmas everyone! May sparkling snowflakes fall and may you gain your heart’s desire!

XXX Sarah


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