The Adventure of a Lifetime


Today, we unveiled the website for Fleur Hitchcock’s Story Adventure, a four month long interactive writing project, where Fleur will actually write her next book, chapter by chapter, week by week, with feedback from young readers.

I loved CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE™ books when I was young. I would read every possibility, flipping back and forth between the pages. This is like choosing the adventure for actual and real.

This project is an experiment. We have no idea how it’s going to turn out. When Fleur, in her intro video, says she wants the ideas to be “the madder the better” she really means it, and so the story could follow a general story arc or it could go completely out into nowhere.

Either way, Fleur – and we – are determined to give young readers the opportunity to make their voices heard, to have a chance to influence a story in their own way. In her blog announcing the project this morning, Fleur said:

This is what we hope the Story Adventure can do – give vent to those imaginations, let children come up with random ideas that they DON’T have to spell properly, give children some ownership, and give them something to read that they REALLY want.

By publication, I have no doubt that we will end up with the usual hilarious and charming book that Fleur writes. The biggest question is whether or not people will find the development of this project as exciting as we do. It’s a risky project to embark on — will teachers and librarians get on board; will young readers participate? — but we’re completely convinced this risk is worth it.

Look – it’s a shooting star. I’ve made a wish.

Help make my wish come true and visit/register at and/or tell any 7 to 10 year old readers that you might know about the project.

We can’t wait to see your ideas and hear your feedback. You can comment below, or on the site!


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