9 Days of Hot Key: Day 6, JEPP, WHO DEFIED THE STARS

Following on from our celebration of all things small, today we are celebrating a book which shows that you don’t have to be a giant to achieve great things. For day 6 of the 9 Days of Hot Key, we are offering 50% off JEPP, WHO DEFIED THE STARS by Katherine Marsh. And don’t forget, gift wrap and shipping are included!


JEPP has been getting amazing reviews all over the world, and is the perfect title for anyone who has big dreams (and isn’t that all of us, really?). This novel tells the story of Jepp, a young dwarf who comes of age at a time where his stature mattered more than his mind. Despite tremendous odds, Jepp overcomes the limitations imposed on him by his height and class.

Here are a few of the nice things people have been saying about the book:

“Narrating a young adult novel from a dwarf’s perspective is nothing short of inspired. Jepp’s physical form may be a ticket out of poverty to the castles of royalty and aristocrats, but it also amplifies the miseries of adolescence. Readers will feel an immediate sympathy for the eternally child-size Jepp, allowed the luxuries of court life for the price of his dignity.”
Kathryn Harrison, The New York Times

“A powerful and romantic historical novel based on the true story of the world famous astronomer Tycho Brahe.”

“With a strong central character in Jepp, this is an unusual and powerful coming-of-age story about first love and taking control of your future.”
– Book Trust

“It’s my favourite young adult novel of the year. It is recommended for ages 14 and up, and will make you laugh and cry, no matter what your age.”
– Angela Crocombe, Children’s Book Buyer at Readings St Kilda (Australia)

“If you are looking for a brilliant little novel with a unique storyline and varied mix of lovable and despicable characters, you couldn’t make a better choice.”
– Vivienne, Serendipity Reviews blog

“And as I read it, JEPP did have that promising quality of keeping me engaged: I stayed up late for it, read through dinner for it, wanted to finish it but not have it finish.”
– Nina Lindsay, School Library Journal

Now you can get your own copy (and one for your friends) at just 50% off! Click here to order.


One response to “9 Days of Hot Key: Day 6, JEPP, WHO DEFIED THE STARS

  1. Excellent, I was waiting for this one!

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