9 Days of Hot Key: Day 4, MAGGOT MOON

Is it really day 4 of the 9 Days of Hot Key Books? Yes, it is, but MAGGOT MOON has taught us to question everything. Signed editions of Sally Gardner’s stunning, Costa Prize-shortlisted, tale about a young boy battling to stand up for what he believes in, against all the odds, is on sale today only for 50% off! Shipping and gift-wrap included as always!


Here’s what people have been saying about this amazing title:

‘The outstanding teenage novel of the autumn, arresting and original and written in a singular voice . . . Despite its simple language, it’s a disturbing read, but it also has a hopeful message – that a teenager, especially one with dyslexia, can have agency in the world.’
 – Telegraph

‘There are certain books that you know, right from the first pages, are destined to be classics. Such a book is Maggot Moon. In this beautiful book despair and hope mingle, leading us at last to an ending which forces us to remember that however venal, petty and cruel humanity can be, there will always be nobility, friendship and courage. Quite simply, it is a book you have to read.’
The Book Bag

‘ . . . no ordinary book for young adults. Startlingly original, sophisticated and moving, Maggot Moon is out of this world.’
– The Sunday Times Children’s Book of the Week

See? We’re not the only ones who think this book is stunning. It’s a perfect gift for older teens and adults alike. Below, Sally Gardner shares her Christmas message.

Gardner, SallyI’ve always believed in Father Christmas, and the older I get, the more convinced I am about his existence. Many other things fall away, but belief in him remains strong, he is a light at the end of the year. To me he represents magic, the magic of people giving presents to those they love, a sort of ‘hooray you are still here; we have survived and we are together’. Merry Christmas.


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