We Stare Because We Care

Things got a little out of hand here at Hot Key with people JUST STARING at each other but, as you’ll see, in the end we figured out what had happened:

So, that’s our big news that we’ve been teasing you all about for months.

We are the new home of Maureen Johnson in the UK, and I couldn’t be more excited. The press release is here if you want to see it — we’ve got SIX books coming your way! — but it would much more fun if you entered our first-of-many Maureen Johnson, Queen of Teen, kooky contests.

Becca models this season’s hottest t-shirt. Get yours today!

You can win one of three DFTBA Maureen STARE medium-size t-shirts (UK & Ireland-addresses only, I’m afraid) as modelled by our beautiful Becca — PLUS a live Google Hangout with Maureen herself. You can ask her anything – for your blog, for a school project, for writing tips, just for the fun of it…

All we need is a video or a photo of you doing your best stare-because-you-care. Feel free to get creative. You can upload your video as a response to our video on youtube.com, or you can Tweet or Facebook post your pic. The best responses will win. (“Best” is utterly subjective and will be decided on by a bunch of Hot Key-ers.)


8 responses to “We Stare Because We Care



    SIX BOOKS, SIX BOOKS!!!!!!!!

    (p.s. can you just give me a t-shirt because i’m so cool? or the google hangout??CAN I JUST HAVE MJ TO KEEP IN MY ROOM FOREVER PLZZZZ).

  2. How exciting!! Sarah B, I bet you’re happy to be working with Maureen again 🙂

  3. WOW! How exciting!! Maureen Johnson is the bee’s knees.

  4. Also, US people and others can buy MJ’s face on http://dftba.com/ 🙂

  5. And how would one go about entering this contest of which you speak?

    • Easy! Either Tweet or Facebook post (or even email to enquiries@hotkeybooks.com) a photo of you staring — or make a video of you staring and post it as a reply to our YouTube video, and then you’re in. The three most interesting/funny/unusual/adorable ones will win. We’ve already got a gorgeous doggie one from Twitter… Aaw.

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