We are grateful

As we mentioned in our first blog post (thank you, librarians!) today is Thanksgiving. Amy did her thanks on behalf of everyone at Hot Key to librarians — but we’re all grateful for smaller things in our own ways.Here is what the Hot Key staffers have to be grateful for:

Sarah Odedina – I am hugely thankful for book jackets!  These wonderful entrées to the world of the story.  I know it is said you can’t judge a book by its cover but you definitely can buy one because of the cover.  Look at Maggot Moon, Narcopolis, the edition from Vintage of I Capture The Castle, No Matter What.  These beautiful jackets – and so many more – make you want to pick up the book and enjoy what is inside.  Actually really I am thankful for book designers whose alchemy makes it all come true.

Meg Farr – Very thankful for my gorgeous wonderful family!

Cait Davies – For having this amazing job working with some of the most talented and creative people I’ve ever met. I am insanely thankful for that.

Becca Langton – I am thankful for being warm in winter – dry feet, a soft bed and the someone who will make me tea.

Jet Purdie – I am thankful for… my daughter’s health.

Emily Thomas – I am very thankful for my sturdy bedside table, which is bearing the weight of a huge crackling radio, a half drunk glass of water, some diamante earrings, a box of earplugs, and a leaning-tower-of-Pisa pile of novels to read: all my favourite things.

Jon Perdoni – I am thankful for all the good food in Clerkenwell.

Kate Manning – I am thankful for the fact that I am in a career that I love.

Sara O’Connor – I am thankful for all my fabulous colleagues who put up with me being American. You are the best team in publishing.

What are YOU thankful for?


3 responses to “We are grateful

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Sara! (And Amy!)

  2. Thankful that the written word is not an endangered species, in spite of an ever-increasing technological revolution, that people still crave stories to escape into. 🙂

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