Giving thanks…for librarians!

A screen shot from the enhanced edition of A WORLD BETWEEN US.

When we first set out to make an enhanced edition of A WORLD BETWEEN US, we knew we had a gigantic task on our hands. The book was already so brilliant by itself — how were we going to be able to find pictures, audio, and video to match the story and accurately bring out the incredible history of the Spanish Civil War? We needed help, and lots of it.

Fortunately, the author, Lydia Syson, helped us collate a sizable list of experts, oragnisations and people around London who would provide us with great background and insight. Richard Baxell, Jim Jump, Marlene Sidaway, Paul Preston, and Angela Jackson were instrumental in providing us with interviews and source material. David Rosenberg brought a unique casualty list to our attention, Jim Neugass shared his images of his trip to Spain, and the Strawberry Thieves shared their music. David Lomon, the last International Brigades veteran in London, was kind enough to provide us with a first-hand account of the battle.

And even though these people gave us a mountain of amazing material, we knew we needed more. We needed pictures and letters and posters — we needed our readers to see what it was like to be a part of the International Brigades. That’s where the archives stepped in — librarians and archivists from all over the world helped us gather dozens of images for this enhanced ebooks. Some even dug deeper into their archives to make sure we had the perfect pictures. So as people across the US sit down to reflect on what they’re thankful for today, I wanted to convey my utmost thanks to the libraries and archives who helped us out:

And to say even MORE of a thank you, the first two librarians to comment on this post will get a free code for the A WORLD BETWEEN US enhanced ibook (you must have access to an iPad to use it).

Here are the links to these amazing places:

J.T. and Molly Murphy Collection from the Communist Party Archive and Microform Academic Publishers

University of Warwick Library

Working Class Movement Library (University of Salford)

University of San Diego, Mandeville Special Collections Library

Bishopsgate Institute

Tamiment Library at New York University

LSE Archives


5 responses to “Giving thanks…for librarians!

  1. From a School Librarian can I say thank you to Hot Key Books for delivering e-books which are a cut above others on the market currently. The work that you are doing with e-books is leaving many other well-established publishers behind – well done 🙂

  2. I could just copy and paste Duncan’s post – ditto school librarian, ditto love the books you publish, ditto Maggot Moon is wonderful! To top it all off, I got my first ipad last week so can now have a look at the enhanced Maggot Moon as well as this one!

  3. I couldn’t agree more with Duncan. I am a school librarian as well and I think enhanced ebooks are fabulous for reluctant readers, and it is fantastic to see such great quality on the market!

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