Announcing the Hot Key Books Writers’ Weekend!

Today’s post is a special announcement from our managing director Sarah Odedina.

Hot Key Books are delighted to announce a Writers’ Workshop aimed at aspirants writers who are writing for young readers aged between 9 and 19.  We will spend the weekend (February 23rd and 24th) focusing on the craft of writing and the business of publishing.

The course will take the form of practical sessions on issues such as characterisation, plot, dialogue and description as well as planning and preparing your book for submission and an over-view of contracts. Celia Rees and Gareth P. Jones will be on hand to offer advice and assistance to participants. We’ll also have sessions focused on the nuts and bolts of publishing, led by our editorial team, literary agents and HKB marketing staff.  We believe that you can never be over-prepared or over-informed!

The submission process is easy.  Send us up to 2000 words of anything you have written.  We will select up to 20 writers and no less than 10 to join the course and will let the candidates know if they are to be included by the 15th January 2013.  The course will be in our offices here in Clerkenwell, and will span the both Saturday and Sunday and include a dinner on Saturday night. The fee for the entire weekend is £400.

We will ensure that the two days provide lots of practical information for writers aiming to get published.  And it will be fun!  Good luck!


2 responses to “Announcing the Hot Key Books Writers’ Weekend!

  1. Oh this is fantastic news! I’m so pleased you guys are doing this but specifically aiming at younger writers. Good luck with this and I look forward to soon reading more about it.

  2. Liz – just to make sure we’re being clear, it is for writers who are writing for ages 9 to 19 – not writers aged 9 to 19. You might have understood that anyway, but I’m paranoid!

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