Good Boys vs. Bad Boys: How do you choose?

Here’s a bit of background in case you haven’t read THE VINCENT BOYS yet: Beau Vincent is a bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks. He drinks, he parties, and he plays around with girls’ hearts. Sawyer Vincent is every parents’ dream — respectful, an athlete, and a good student from a good family. These boys form two of the points in the VINCENT BOYS love triangle. At the top of the triangle is Ashton, the preacher’s daughter, who finds herself vacillating between the devil on her left and the angel on her right.

We’ve talked a little bit about bad boys on the blog before. They appeal to us on some basic level, like chocolate or stuffing at Christmas. We know they’re not good for us, but we NEED them. It begs the question, how do you choose? How do you make the decision between good-for-you and just WANT?

We thought about both sides of the issue, and about what the guys would say to convert you to their respective sides.

Decisions, decisions…

TEAM BEAU: With me, you don’t need to be anyone except for exactly who you are. Want a little danger? Want to let your hair down and be the real you, the person you hide from everyone else? We’ll try everything and see everything together. You know you want to.

TEAM SAWYER: I’m the boy you can take home to your parents, and the boy you won’t have to worry about when you go out of town. I’m fiercely loyal and will treat you right at every opportunity. You are my one and only, and you deserve to be treated like a queen. Stick with me beautiful, you won’t regret it.

SO. Two perfect options? How do you choose? How does ANYONE ever choose? Pick your team, and let us know either via Twitter or Facebook using #teambeau or #teamsawyer.


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