Best Way to Sell Books

This weekend, I went on a little jolly to Bath. We stayed in an amazing flat on the Royal Crescent and were incredbly lucky to have lovely sunny weather on the Saturday. (Yup, that is my photo!)

This, of course, encouraged wandering and I got sucked into TWO bookshops in Bath. Bath Old Books was the first, just around the corner. It seems they don’t have a website, but they are the best second hand bookstore I’ve ever been in. Every edition in there is a beautiful, special, lust-inducing edition. First editions, box sets, leather-bound… I left unable to resist a first edition of:

So, Best Way #1 to sell books is: to have beautiful books.

And then, I revisted the site of F. R. Hitchcock’s SHRUNK! launch party, Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights. How can you NOT go in to a store with that name? And the wonderful staff there know exactly how to not let you leave without parting with a fair chunk of your money.

Best Way #2 is to talk about books.

I was browsing in the children’s section when the lovely Ed came over to help a teenage girl find a book. She happened to have The Silver Blade by Sally Gardner book in her hand, and Ed immedately pointed out Sally’s new book Maggot Moon. I bit my lip and listened in. He was passionate and ethusiastic and the girl left with five books in her hand – two of them hardcovers.

Of course, I would not be so susceptible. After all, I’m in the profession. I can’t be swayed so easily. Ha! After about half an hour chatting with Ed, I bought:

The Bear That Wasn’t by Frank Tashlin – about a bear who wakes up from hibernation and is told repeatedly that he isn’t a bear, and who eventually gives in, against his instincts and becomes a factory worker.

Tan Tawn Eng’s The Garden of Evening Mists. I had read his first novel, A Gift of Rain, and loved it — despite it being a book for grown ups.

Just for touch factor, I bought the new Lemony Snickett. It has a rubbery kind of cover that I wanted to chew on… Can’t wait to chew through the story!

And the book that I bought that I am most desperate to read is The Last Summer of the Death Warriors by Fransisco Stork. I literally sntached it out of my friend’s hands so that I could buy it. (She ended up buying SIX books, so I was really doing her a favour.)

So many thanks, Ed, for helping me empty my bank account on the best thing ever… books!



3 responses to “Best Way to Sell Books

  1. beccawearsredwellies

    I have SO much cover lust. I want all of them. And I also quite want to chew on Lemony Snickett. (‘s new book).

  2. Glad you had such an excellent time in Mr Bs – we Bathonians are very proud of it.

  3. It just goes to show how a change in ilustrátor can radically influence the readers book choice. Would Roald Dahl have been so succesful without Quentin Blake? Mr Blake and Mr Dahl a match made in heaven!
    Stan Mills

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