Dehydrated water packet anyone?

Oh yes, it’s that’s time again – proof mailings! Yesterday, Kate, Sarah B, Sophia our intern and I spent the better part of our afternoon packing up Spring 2013 ready for posting to bookshops around the country.

The piles of books, tissue paper, boxes and address labels spread across the boardroom were pretty intimidating (especially at 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon), but seasoned pro Sarah B had no fear – in the past, she’s prepared 1500 boxes for mailing!!

As well as packing up the boxes, each book has something a little special to go with it. Keep an eye out for the Edwardian trump cards and sachets of dehydrated water… can you guess which books the above items belong to?

Luckily, with the help of Absolute 80s Radio and some pungent cheeses that Kate brought from Waitrose, the whole afternoon whizzed by.

And today, with cheese hangovers and papercuts galore, we wave goodbye to 250 boxes packed with A MONTH WITH APRIL-MAY, AT SOMERTON: SECRETS & SAPPHIRES, THE SPIN, BOONIE, THE GREAT GALLOON, RED INK, THE QUIETNESS and CLOCKWISE TO TITAN. We wish we had enough copies send to everyone, but don’t forget we have digital proofs available and of course your local rep may have a few stashed away (it’s always worth an ask, they are all lovely)!

If you would like to request a digital proof or want to get the details of your local rep, just drop us an email at And don’t forget we’d love to hear what you think of our books (and boxes!)



4 responses to “Dehydrated water packet anyone?

  1. Dehydrated water. If only I’d thought of that!

  2. Is ‘Police News’ for Constable & Toop??

  3. That sounds like a fun afternoon 🙂

  4. Hi. I’m a book seller in South London. Your efforts have not gone unappreciated. We were delighted to receive a package and I’ve just finished “April-May”. A fun read and I shall be ordering it for the shop. I shall read the others as soon as possible.

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