Storytelling, now with musical interludes!

Yesterday’s post about the Constable and Toop song got me thinking about this one song I’ve have been humming, whistling, and internally singing as I walk down the street, or do the dishes, or wait for the train. No, it’s not Call Me Maybe (though that does occasionally slip in there by accident). It’s this song, called A las Barricadas (music by Wacław Święcicki, lyrics by Valeriano Orobón Fernández):

Bizarre, I know, but you have to admit it’s extremely catchy despite its rather dark content. According to Wikipedia, the first few lines translate roughly to:

Black storms shake the sky
Dark clouds blind us,
Although pain and death await us
Duty calls us against the enemy

It’s a song that was meant to inspire the thousands of young, nervous volunteers to run towards the battle and fight against facism. It’s one of many songs we’re going to include in the enhanced edition of A WORLD BETWEEN US, and it represents an incredible body of music which took shape during the Spanish Civil War. Songs were more than just entertainment during this period. These songs were recruitment tools, and comforts in dark times. Some were beautiful and sad, like Si Me Quieres Escribir, which is a song about the dire situation on the Gandesa front. Other songs were just meant to be political hyperbole like this one from the Peoples’ Parodies songbook:

Lydia Syson, the author of A WORLD BETWEEN US, talks a bit more about the real soundtrack her work of historical fiction on her blog.

I often think that books should come with soundtracks, so you can set the atmosphere appropriately for whatever you’re reading. Fortunately, that’s super easy to do with our new enhanced ebooks! I’m curious though, do you listen to music while you read? What would be your ideal soundtrack for the book you’re reading right now?


One response to “Storytelling, now with musical interludes!

  1. Now that Married to a Mermaid line reminds me of an old sailor song called The Keeper of the Eddystone Light. Provided enough wine is provided I might sing it to you at the next Hot Key Party. Be afraid, be very afraid.

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