“Talk about Constable & …”

“Two feet down, some way to go
You live on top but you die below
Three feet down, you’re still not there
When you’re dead, there’s no one to care…”

Down, down, down...’ I have been humming this for weeks since the very talented Gareth P Jones brought in a CD with Constable and Toop: THE SONG on it that he’d recorded. Not content with just writing books, Gareth writes songs to go with each of his books too. He is quite the multi-talented man! I absolutely love the C&T song – it’s very catchy, slightly dark (okay, make that very dark…) and I CAN’T GET OUT OF MY HEAD. ‘down, down, down...’

So, have a listen, if you’re brave enough…

And Gareth told me apparently that when you have a song it your head it’s because you don’t know all the words – so on that note – here are the full lyrics below so you can learn and sing along at your heart’s content! (click on the image to download pdf)

Constable and Toop is officially published this Thursday, but you might spot it on a bookshelf already if you’re lucky…

Let us know if the song has worked its way into your head too!


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