What happens next?

Over the past weeks, it has been so exciting to see the conversations springing up around our books, and it brings up the question of what next? Once you’ve read a book and loved it…what happens then?

There have been suggestions of television adaptions… yes, please, @storytellersinc!

… calls for a Booker nomination. Thanks, @JoFranklin2

… and lots of emotional outpouring. Hope you have recovered now, @PewterWolf13 and @thepartinator.

All of that led on to @PewterWolf13 linking to this brilliant video by @CassJayTuck, a very insightful lady. For me, this is a perfect description of what happens next, when you just don’t know what happens next.


2 responses to “What happens next?

  1. I LOVE this video. Cass is hilarious — she is going to be a star in no time. I hope she gets her hands on one of our books soon!!

  2. Oh Dear Lordy – I think I’ve found The Muse! I’m pretty sure I’ve hit several of those stages in various fandoms/books (including Maggot Moon and Insignia) myself, only thankfully for all involved with less crying and more scouring the Internet to find likeminded viewpoints. Awesome video!

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