An ode to stationery

Favourite stationery items collected from around the office.

Today, in celebration of one of my favourite beginning-of-the-school-year traditions, I have attempted to write a (somewhat) rhyming blog to pay tribute to the few items which make going back to school a bit more bearable.

It’s true that school can be quite dry,
And the end of summer brings a tear to the eye.
But there is one thing, about this dull routine,
Which makes it bearable, or at least less mean.

The trip to the stationers at the start of the year
Is enough to stave off the deluge of tears.
The heart swells with joy as we gaze unbridled,
At the bounty of treasures which lay down the aisles.

Pens with felt tips, coloured folders for files,
Post-its in shapes, and notebooks with titles.
We’ll take sixteen new pencils, with just the right lead,
And forty-eight rubbers, shaped like duck heads.

We’re certain new ring binders lead to A stars,
And panda highlighters will result in high honors.
We simply must have the diary with Boo,
And our notebooks must feature the Princess Choo-Choo.

So often we wonder why there is this crossover,
Between loving your pens, and being a book lover.
Perhaps it’s because we love how it looks,
When we write our own words, in our very own books.

Or perhaps it’s because a new notebook means promise,
Of something quite great, to come from a novice.
But no matter the reason, we’re really quite glad
To have an excuse, to buy that new pad.

So what are your favourites and your must-haves?
The pens and the paper which make you go mad?
We’re sure you have some, as readers you must,
In this particular quirk, we’re sure you’re like us.


3 responses to “An ode to stationery

  1. My favourite notebook (not in the office for the photoshoot) was a gift from a dear friend. A slim, flip over notebook, with a thick black cover that says in very small white type “next big idea”. I love it! Very inspiring.

  2. I have been obsessed with stationery from an early age – and nowadays there’s such a beautiful selection. But – worrying thought 😦 Please, please don’t tell me the digital age is going to put an end to all this candy!!

  3. Arh I do love stationery! But I’m afraid to admit it too loudly in case I’m compared to Pauline from The League of Gentlemen. “Pauline’s pens”

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