Some Friday tips

Not for ‘To do’ lists

As we’ve established over a series of posts this week, it can be hard to let yourself have time to be creative. There are too many other interruptions, too many people to see and too many other ‘to dos’ to sometimes let it take priority…

Our intern Antonia has come up with some great ways to build a little bit of creativity into your everyday life. We love these and hope you will too!

  • Combine socialising with creativity. Many museums and galleries have regular late nights with tours and classes (and a well-stocked bar). It’s an ideal place to get creative with a little gossip on the side.
  • Pick a long term project so you won’t rush to get everything done in an hour. It’s encouraging to see something develop, and you’ll find that you make the most of odd moments to add to it.
  • Take the occasional photo of things in your surroundings as you go through the day. It will make you slow down and look at them properly, rather than rushing past.
  • Start a creative commute. Read books you disagree with and listen to music that you normally wouldn’t for a dose of thought provocation on the tube.
  • Keep a notebook with you so you can jot down ideas of what you want to write or draw, exhibitions to visit and books to read. It’s easy to make mental notes of things we see, but we’re quick to forget them too.

Thanks Antonia! I love the one about reading books you wouldn’t normally read to make you think on your commute…

Have, great, creative, bank holidays everyone.


One response to “Some Friday tips

  1. beccawearsredwellies

    My next creative project – Knitting a blanket. After that Quilt making.

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