Creating books creatively (and beyond).

You probably already know that publishing is a pretty creative industry. From Editorial, Design and Production to us over in Sales & Marketing, we spend our days working toward bringing the most exciting stories to life in the most innovative ways we can think of – be that digitally, physically, by doing some crazy dancing or even enlisting the help of tiny hedgehogs!


So when Becca asked us what our creative hobbies were outside of work, it was pretty natural that we all immediately thought BOOKS! We eat, sleep and breathe books, and the bits in-between we fill with family, friends, art, theatre, exercise, music, drawing… and of course reality tv and crisps at some point, too.


But it’s the creativity that makes our jobs so exciting, and there is nothing better than creating lovely things around our books and sharing them with the world beyond our Clerkenwell offices. We first read Sally Gardner’s MAGGOT MOON over Christmas last year, and now finally we are nearing publication day – it’s unreal to think that what started as an email attachment so long ago has evolved, and sparked so much creative work between author and publisher. Sally’s wonderful words inspired the amazingly gruesome illustrations from Julian Crouch that now pepper the pages, and began our journey toward bringing Standish from our imaginations to your bookshelves. It’s been a fantastic project to work on, and now not only do we have an amazing hardback book, but also a soon-to-launch Multi-touch iBook, a digital audio book, an eBook, a soon-to-come website and some seriously cool propaganda themed POS ready to show everyone (you especially, people who love books).


Here are some MAGGOT MOON-y type things to look out for in your local bookshop…(or, if you are a bookshop, or library, or school for that matter, email us on and we’ll pop a selection in the post for you)


And let’s be honest – being this creative at work is a pretty good excuse for watching the Xfactor.

One response to “Creating books creatively (and beyond).

  1. Yes, yes, yes, except that I am already annoyed by the XFactor. The sweet young thing that sang at the end of the first auditions… I just don’t understand what the fuss was about. Though I did like having Mel B on the judging panel.

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