Angel Dust Drawing Competition!

Have you ever been inspired by a teacher? It might be the one that pushed you to try something new, or went the extra mile to help you with that hated subject (was it Maths? Come on, it’s always Maths).

Sarah Mussi, author of ANGEL DUST, recently wrote a piece about her favourite art teacher for the Times School Gate column. It was the influence of one teacher that encouraged Sarah to express herself through drawing (and eventually go on to complete a BA and later an MA in Fine Art!) Now, theoretically we knew this about Sarah, just like we know she is a now a teacher herself; but when she brought in her A-Level art exam self portrait, we were amazed!

Her portrait got us thinking – let’s start a drawing competition around ANGEL DUST! The prize would be an original painting by Sarah, inspired by her book.  Sarah was up for it – she dutifully bought her paints and spent a weekend working on the picture. When she brought it in the office she was shy to show it – it had been years since she’d done any painting. She left it in the bag on my desk and we opened it once she’d left … and found the perfect painting!

So, now it’s your turn to get drawing and painting – we are looking for your angel pictures! You can draw it, paint it, make a collage… be as creative as you want. The deadline is 5 PM on 31 August, and all you need to do is post your entry to Sarah’s Facebook page – the lucky winner will win Sarah’s painting! Click here for all the rules.



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