What is it about bad boys?

In every generation, there are brilliant bad boy characters which capture even the purest hearts and minds. It’s no accident that the most popular books, movies and TV shows often feature these irresistible men, from Mr. Rochester, to Don Draper to Captain Jack Sparrow. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what is so thrilling about a bad boy character. It’s not just good looks — there are plenty of good-looking princes out there. Perhaps it’s the tantalizing desire to be the one person to reform the bad boy — to get him to fall so deeply in love with you that he has no choice but to change his ways.

Serafina, the angelic protagonist of our newest novel Angel Dust, finds herself hopelessly enthralled with bad boy Marcus Montague. Sarah Mussi was inspired by a few of her favorite bad boys whilst she was creating Marcus. She reflects on her top five here:

So now we’re asking you — who are the bad boys/girls in your life that you’d save? Tweet your answers at us using the hashtag #saveasoul, and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win one of 20 limited edition proofs of Angel Dust!


One response to “What is it about bad boys?

  1. Don Draper is my ultimate bad boy! Why do we love him so much? He is horrible to everyone (in series 1 – 4) but just irresistable. In series 5, when he was nice, I actually went off him (of course). *swoon*

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