Girl Reads e-Book, a modern love story

Sam Arnold has just finished a year on a digital marketing placement and is going back to university to finish off her English Literature degree at the end of September. She is currently interning with publishers to gain some experience in the field, and here is her intern post from her experience with us last week.

I was against the digital revolution, for a really long time. I was – and still am – a regular note maker and page folder (don’t judge me!) mainly for my degree, and thrived off the notion that being surrounded by books was somehow stimulating my ideas through some kind of osmosis.  I had no need for an eReader, so why would I want one?

I was wrong.

It was about this time last year that I realised the real benefits of eBooks, after bowing to pressure and spending some time working in a digital environment – it was amazing how quickly I fell in love with my kindle.

We’ve barely been apart for little over a month now and it has changed my reading list completely. I never realised how reserved my reading choices were. Overnight I became a serial sampler, trying so many novels that I may not have even glanced at in a shop.

I probably would never have considered buying Confessions of a GP before my Kindle, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I have to admit the price being so low helped, but with some books at half price, or more, than their physical counterparts, suddenly the odd £2.99 here and £1.99 there seems more reasonable to risk on a book that I may not enjoy.

One thing people often forget with digital books is that a big part of digital is community and sharing. Highlighted quotes regularly appear in my kindle, which seems odd and almost invasive as reading has often been an individual experience, but I have to admit, seeing the (usually inspirational) quotes that hundreds of people highlight makes it feel like being a part of something greater. Suddenly we’re reading together, side by side but in different parts of the world, and isn’t that just amazing?

I’d like to point out that eBooks do have down sides, and whilst I am now happily attached to my Kindle, I will never stop loving the physical book in all its splendour– after all it was my first love. My shelves at home are straining under the mountains of books, (another good reason to try eReaders) and will continue to be for a long time to come.

So what new and unusual things have crept onto your reading list lately, that your ereader helped you discover?


5 responses to “Girl Reads e-Book, a modern love story

  1. I have to say I will never ever ever ever buy an e-reader. I can’t do it… I just love the physical ‘turn the page’ and ‘see how much left there is to go’ feeling. Seeing a % just doesn’t do it for me I’m afraid :S

    • I can’t help it. Being able to buy a ok instantly when someone recommends it, is too tempting to resist. That said, I don’t own a dedicated reading device. I read ebooks on my phone, mostly.

  2. I used to be apprehensive about John Green’s books as I rarely read YA contemporary but I saw Paper Towns was 99p and decided to go for it. I loved it so much that I bought all of his (physical) books (some more than once…whoops). Cheers, Kindle!

    • Ah, and what a discovery! Without a doubt, my gave is an ABUNDANCE OF KATHERINES. Just so smart and funny and charming.

      • Definitely! I am a huge fan now. My favourite is still Paper Towns, I think. I still need to read Will Grayson, Will Grayson. I’m putting it off because it’ll mean I won’t have any JG books left to read…

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