We’re Moving! (Virtually)

For the past eight months, this blog has been the home to the majority of Hot Key’s online content. And for the past eight months, that’s worked pretty well. It’s been a bit like living in our first flat – tiny but functional. But now that we’re on the verge of releasing our first two titles, we’re ready to sell off our Ikea furniture and move into a real house.

On Thursday (or very soon after), we’ll move from this:

To this:

Quite an upgrade, no? Don’t worry, our blog isn’t going anywhere, it’s just getting its very own room in this brand new digital domain. We’ll still be posting daily about all the happenings at Hot Key Books. But now in addition to the blog, you’ll be able to browse all our titles, send questions to our authors, and download extra content to accompany the books.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we also have this feature where you’ll be able to build and share your own reading list. You can even purchase Hot Key titles direct through our site! That’s the digital equivalent of having a pool in your back garden!

We’re so thrilled to finally welcome you into our new online home, and we can’t wait to hear what you think about it.  If it gets messed up on your computer (we don’t anticipate it will), we want to know. If you have a good idea for content or an extra feature, send us an email. We can’t promise immediate change, but we do plan to keep improving the site. After all, our house is your house.


10 responses to “We’re Moving! (Virtually)

  1. And please note that the ugly NO IMAGE AVAILABLE covers will be replaced by something much prettier by the time we go live…

  2. Sounds exciting! Especially the extras.

  3. Looks great! Can’t wait to explore.

  4. Can’t wait to see it!

  5. Looks fab, now what would you like as a website warming present? 😉

  6. aw man. that no image available image was my favorite part!

    • Hey, you. Behave!

      • saraathotkey

        I will now out you as the fabulous designer of the website. Everyone, go check out htp://thepublicsociety.com/ to meet the lead on our website development. They are smart people. We like them very much.

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