Isles of Wonder

Tonight, the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics kicks off for real. And I was lucky enough to go to the first rehearsal on Monday night.

(Nope, I’m not going to give anything away.)

At the end of my Monday post, coming down off a handmade weekend at Art in Action, I thought that the two events would be in complete opposition. But I was wrong.

Forgetting all the sponsorship nonsense and the British cynicism headlines, Danny Boyle is putting on a stunning show. It might start small, but it ends big and has enormous impact.

It also reminded me how many amazing things Britain has done on a global scale in terms of culture, both past and present. And I am so pleased to say that books and even specifically children’s books get featured in a big way.

Not entirely surprising because the wonderful Frank Cottrell Boyce is one of the writers involved and who came up with teh name of the event “Isles of Wonder”.

And no matter how grumpy Brits get about ceremonies like this (the Royal Wedding… the Queen’s Jubilee…) from my American standpoint, you guys really know how to put on a good show.

Plus, there really were thousands and thousands of British people that lined the streets to see the torch, so I know that, really, you all love it.

So, World, enjoy the show tonight. It’s going to be WONDERFUL.


4 responses to “Isles of Wonder

  1. beccawearsredwellies

    I absolutely can not wait. Can. not. wait.

  2. I’m SO EXCITED!! Can’t believe I’ll be there tonight. Look out for me in the crowd (I’ll be one of the thousands of tiny dots).

  3. I’m getting very excited too! A celebration of sport, music, literature … many of the good things in life!

  4. I really enjoyed the opening ceremony once I realised what was going on! I was so happy about the children’s literature part.

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