The Biggest Mini Burgers Known to Mankind, or How to Party HKB Style

Last night was our launch party at the Barbican, a chance for us all to celebrate all the hard work everyone has put into the list (especially the authors who’ve been forced to write quicker than is allowed by Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity) and to say thank you to everyone who has come into contact with us in these first 10 months of life.  10 months old and we publish our first books 2 WEEKS TODAY.

Sarah giving her speech

It was a fabulous evening, everyone there seemed to enjoy themselves and the canapés were delicious and HUGE.  Massive things.  Amy (of whom you will hear more about next week) drew this entirely scientific diagram to show just how substantial a ‘substantial canapé’ can be:

Some more photos for you to peruse:

Becca, Sarah Mussi (Angel Dust), Meg and Tina Betts

Dawn Porter (Paper Aeroplanes), the back of Emily’s head, Matt Whyman (The Savages), Laure Eve (Fearsome Dreamer)

No gossip I’m afraid, we were all terribly well behaved.

So, in 2 weeks we find out whether everything we’ve been doing has been along the right lines.  It’s a bit scary, but incredibly exciting.  And if it all goes wrong we still have each other and the memory of giant mini burgers.


5 responses to “The Biggest Mini Burgers Known to Mankind, or How to Party HKB Style

  1. Good luck! And interesting or not so interesting facto – I used to live in the Barbican – in the 70s!!!

  2. Fab post and I like the sound of Hot Key mini burger – now when do they go on sale lol.

    Squeak – only two weeks to go!

  3. Good lord. The Chin.

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