One of the best things about working in publishing is the fact we’re paid to talk to people about books. A lot. And yesterday Cait and I popped up to Altrincham to talk to a group of booksellers about our list.

We were invited up by The Lovely Steven, the Waterstones CRSM (Kids Specialist) for the area and we got to talk to some fantastic (and passionate) booksellers not only about us, but also about what’s working at the moment, what they think is missing and how we can help them.

And we got to do a bit of shopping in the branch which is always good. Look at the lovely children’s section in Waterstones Altrincham – including fish!

So what did we learn? That customers are very savvy about jackets and they’re getting bored that everything looks the same. That there are a lot of Mums asking about books for boys and that there’s a gap for teen titles for them.

If anyone ever wants a natter about books, just give us a shout. We’re available for weddings, birthdays and reading groups.

P.S. 22 days to go!


3 responses to “Nattering

  1. Fascinating.
    Picking up on the titles for boys though, the publishing industry really is at fault there. The bland statement ‘Boys don’t read, girls read,’ has become a mantra. Even if boys’ books get published they never seem to be hyped.
    Wake up there publishers!

    • I don’t think it’s right to imply that publishers don’t choose to push books for boys. Series like Beast Quest are hugely hyped, also Alex Rider, CHERUB, Dinosaur Cove, Wimpy Kid, etc. There is quite a long list, and te best-seller chart at the moment is very boy heavy. Not forgetting the new boy blockbuster on the block: METAWARS by Jeff Norton

  2. I think it may have been a case of there being a gap for Teen Boys books but that gap seems to be closing a little at the moment – the new craze of dystopia fiction seems to lend itself far more readily to both Boy’s and Girl’s reads than the sparkly vampire craze did!
    Incidentally – how excited am I by Insignia?!?!

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