Hot Key Home

Here at Hot Key Books we are not ones to brag, but we are well aware of how fabulous our offices are; that they are the envy of all who step through the old ex-printer’s doorway and into our stylish, floor boarded airy space.

Very importantly, for those of us who have come from sky rise  – overly air-conditioned – corporate towers, we have WINDOWS THAT OPEN! That’s right, now when one is hot, one simply opens a window, one does not have to contact ‘facilities’.

But there is a strange, yet brilliant kind of energy to 10 Northburgh Street, EC1V that somehow draws out creativity, cleverness and EXPRESSION. Not just because the wooden floors and echoing space inspires literal freedom of movement (the urge to break into a dance routine on a smooth surface can never be underestimated, as anyone who watched Pineapple Dance Studios will know), it seems to provoke lively, inspiring and sometimes heated discussion. Our best editorial, sales and marketing ideas have sprung whilst leaning against our luxurious long counter-top opposite the open plan kitchen.

Is there something in the fact that there are hardly any doors at Hot Key HQ? Could it be that removing physical barriers removes those barriers to clear, confident thinking and creative thought process? Pretty obvious, huh?

In the past few months we have hosted some fantastically successful events, including our recent Women in Digital Publishing evening, and last Saturday’s Blogger’s lunch (shown above)…These events have been such a blast, and so social, that we are already planning our next event in a few months’ time!

Some of you have already visited us, some of you are yet to come, but when you do, bring a notebook with you. You’re going to need it to write everything down…



3 responses to “Hot Key Home

  1. An old printer’s building, that’s beautiful. Wouldn’t the previous occupants be happy to know that it is now the home of books 🙂

  2. You’re offices look lovely (and I love that they were originally a printers). And I can join in you with offices with windows that open (though they have to really as our air conditioning / heating doesn;’t work very well lol)

  3. Oh yes we did love your offices!

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